All materials are purchased exclusively in Germany so we are 100% sure of the highest quality of our products. Every element of a UKA raincoat has been carefully thought through.

The raincoats feature 4 kinds of material.

The waterproof top coat is made of smooth transparent film. It is incredibly reliable and super easy to look after: no washing required! Faux leather hem ensures even better rain protection.

The bottom coat is made from Softshell fabric consisting of no less than two layers, or membranes, one on top of another. Each layer is separately laminated to ensure the unique features of the fabric. Softshell is water and wind resistant while keeping you warm and comfortable. What is more, the fabric is 100% breathable. As a result it can function both as an inner and an outer layer. So if it drizzles and you’ve left your UKA top coat at home, there’s nothing to worry about. Softshell will definitely handle it. Practical and pleasant to touch, the fabric was specially designed for athletes and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in and out of town. It never wrinkles, making you look fresh and stylish every day. 


The lining is made from 100% cotton. We learn about the world by touching that’s why we chose cotton among other options. It’s a natural material which does not need extra advertising. You’ll feel comfortable even if the coat contacts your skin directly without any extra layers of clothing.

How to look after your UKA raincoat?





Top coat




Bottom coat

Delicate machine wash, warm 30C, not too often. Don’t use fabric conditioner

Tumble dry if needed

Iron at low temperatures