About Us

UKA is a young brand of clothes beginning its exciting path. UKA raincoats are sourced and manufactured exclusively in Germany but the founder of the brand Alyona Niedova originally comes from Ukraine. She and her two preschool daughters were forced to flee their home country at the onset of the russian invasion. This makes UKA a German brand with with Ukrainian heart. The factory is based in Munster - a town with such frequent rains that they seem to dominate moods. Munster weather contrasts greatly with the hot and sunny summer in Ukraine, which inspired our first collection of UKA raincoats.

First and foremost UKA raincoats are about the opportunity to choose a bright color on a dull rainy day. Every raincoat out there copes with the purpose of keeping you dry, doesn’t it?  UKA raincoats strive to offer more. We wish our clients to shine and smile even when they walk or cycle along the rainy streets.

From rain to shine is a single step and it’s our choice whether to make it. If the weather brings a sudden change, take off the waterproof top coat  and use your UKA raincoat as a trendy trench coat. Feel bright and comfortable regardless of the weather.

We believe a UKA raincoat to be an irreplaceable item on your basic wardrobe checklist. UKA is eager to create, develop and improve and we hope to do so with our clients’ help and support.